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iCleaner M800
  • Ultrasonic Anti-collision
  • Strong suction power
  • Lithium battery, three-hour recharging
  • Automatic docking and recharging
  • Anti-tangling
  • Overview
  • Specifications

Strong Suction Power, Ultrasonic Anti-Collision

Ultrasonic collision prevention protects furniture

Six highly sensitive ultrasonic sensors constantly scan the iCleaner M800’s surroundings while it’s cleaning. When it encounters an obstacle, like a wall or table leg, the iCleaner M800 decelerates, brakes, and takes evasive action. It does a great job of cleaning every nook and cranny around objects without actually touching them.

In addition, the iCleaner M800 emits ultrasonic sound at wavelengths in excess of 40,000 Hz (humans can hear up to 20,000 Hz). Scientific and clinical studies show that ultrasonic sound at these wavelengths effectively inhibits the growth of mites without adversely affecting humans. Ultrasonic sound is widely used in hospitals, for example, to examine unborn babies.

Extra clean floors

The iCleaner M800 provides big suction power. Furthermore, the iCleaner M800 is equipped with brushes on either side to get at dirt in corners. You’ll also notice a huge decrease in those irritating bumping sounds, so man and machine can “coexist more peacefully.” Also worth mentioning is the fact that the structure of the iCleaner M800 is designed in such a way as to effectively prevent hair tangling up inside, greatly reducing the amount of time and energy needed to clean it and making it the ideal choice for pet owners.

Trouble-free travel

Underneath the iCleaner M800’s hood is a motor with artificial intelligence and ultrasonic sensors which keep continuous track of the robot’s surroundings. In much the same way that submarines utilize sonar, the iCleaner M800 uses ultrasonic sound waves to avoid collisions with furniture. It also plans routes and strategies to optimize cleaning and to keep it from getting trapped.

Automatic docking and recharging

The iCleaner M800 also docks and recharges itself. When it’s low on power, it automatically returns to its docking port. It also comes with a high-capacity lithium-ion battery that is fully recharged and ready to go again in just two hours. You can preprogram cleaning times, too. Leave your floor to the iCleaner M800.

Anti-tangling, anti-fall, suited to any floor surface

The special materials out of which the iCleaner M800’s wheels are constructed as well as their shock absorbing design allow the iCleaner M800 to climb to heights of 15mm, allowing it to easily crawl over floors, carpets, electrical cables, and the like without damaging even wooden floors. Internal elevation sensors prevent tumbles, so you can leave the iCleaner M800 to clean up while you’re away.