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iCleaner R500
  • Ultra slim 5cm
  • One-touch operation
  • Large-capacity dust collector
  • Twin brushes
  • Overview
  • Specifications

5 cm Super-slim, One-touch Operation

5 cm slim and twin brushes—the iCleaner R500 specializes in tight spots

The iCleaner R500 is ideal for homes that need a robot vacuum cleaner that won’t get stuck beneath furniture. At only 5 cm in height, it can slip under furniture, including beds, sofas, and cabinets, without getting wedged in. As long as there is at least 5 cm of clearance (apx. the height of an AA battery), the iCleaner R500 can slip under furniture and back out again with ease. In addition, smart brushes on either side and the suction system enable it to sweep up dust, hair, and other miscellaneous objects and the special materials used in the wheels make the iCleaner R500 suited for any service.

One-touch operation

The iCleaner R500 is easy to operate. MSI did away with complicated, hard-to-understand interfaces. Just push the button and it does the rest. It’s simple enough that anyone can operate it, both children and adults. One touch of the button sends it on its way. There’s nothing to study. What’s more, the iCleaner R500 tips the scales at a mere 1.35 kg, making it easy to carry it anywhere that needs cleaning.


Internal elevation sensors prevent tumbles, so the iCleaner R500 doesn’t fall down from anywhere. In addition, it comes with a large-capacity dust collector, so you don’t need to clean it as often, and an overload warning function, so you don’t need to worry about it becoming overfilled or that large objects that it picks up will block vents, reducing suction.

The iCleaner R500 not only saves time and effort, it is also much quieter than conventional vacuum cleaners. The iCleaner R500 is your best choice for a starter cleaning robot.