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Established in 2010, the Funrobot brand, a member of the MSI (Micro-Star International) Corporation, develops, manufactures, and markets smart robots for the home. Its primary products at present are smart cleaning robots for sale in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Since introducing smart cleaning robots, Funrobot has participated in various international exhibitions, including Computex, CES, CeBIT, and the China Import and Export Fair where the fusion of cutting-edge technologies, information integrated technologies, and innovative applications have earned Funrobot very positive reviews from major media outlets.

The term “Funrobot” comes from the blending of the words “fun” and “robot.” The word “fun” symbolizes the life of ease that these products promise consumers, while “robot” represents advanced core technologies, such as artificial intelligence. It is Funrobot’s goal to develop various labor-saving robots for the home, using its formidable R&D and technology integration capabilities to enhance quality of life.

In the past, robotics applications were most commonly used in medicine, aeronautics, industry, and the military, but with continued advances in technology, robots are increasingly performing various tasks in our daily lives. They are practically becoming members of the family as they help out around the house. Funrobot plans to launch smart cleaning robots on the market in the near future to be followed up by other domestic smart robots designed to enhance quality of life by performing other tasks around the home.